Just a Prompt #5

Jeremy, my arch nemesis, is of course going to oppose me in this struggle to climb as many stairs as possible. Even in these last few moments, he still persists on undermining me as we race up flights and flights of stairs. We match each other’s pace perfectly. As the clock’s hand reaches midnight, I put a final burst of speed in to my legs. So does Jeremy. We reach the top of the building panting, sweat sliding down our faces. Neither of us are victorious, tied again as with all the other challenges we face each other in. I won’t accept it this time.

“Jeremy” I cough out. “This won’t do, only one of us can be victorious this night.” I announce, wheezing.

“You’re right” he replies, “How do you want to settle this?” He asks.

“A sword fight, to the death.” I whisper, dead serious.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking” he replies, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Perfect, there are those two antique swords our boss bought downstairs in his office. Let’s go get them and then will go up to the roof.” I say, no longer red faced from the exertion.

We head back downstairs and enter our workplace that we’ve worked at for the past decade. Surprisingly, the place was still lit and people moved around to paper work. Our disheveled appearance must have been out of place because by the time we were halfway to the boss’s office people were staring at us. Suddenly self-conscious of what were about to do, I almost back out then and there. I probably should have, the ensuing chaos is something one cannot forget. Not in one lifetime that is.

Me and Jeremy continue walking and we reach the door of our boss. Before one of us goes to turn the knob, the door opens and our boss is there frowning at us.

“So, who won?” He asks. Before I can think of an appropriate response, Jeremy speaks up in his authoritative tone.

“Neither of us, we have each climbed the same amount of stairs as the other throughout this entire week. Because of this, we have come to an agreement that the only way to solve this predicament is to sword fight until one us dies. That is why we are here, to take your swords and do battle on the roof.” Jeremy says, blank faced.

A moment of silence follows as the cogs in our boss’s head turns and digests what Jeremy has just said. I watch anxious but also glad that I didn’t have to explain why we were there. Our boss turns to me and asks, “Is this true?”


“Then it shall be as you say!” He declares, he pushes past us and shouts to the rest of the office. “Everyone, drop what you do and go to the roof! Blood will be spilled and we need an audience to watch it be spilled!”

People stare for a few more moments, then slowly, they start moving in the general direction of the stairway.

“Alright you two, take these swords here.” He says, going in to his office for a few moments then coming back out with the antique swords. “A dual to the death for those tickets! Nothing more befitting, the prize to go to the Bahamas for free I expect!”

We take the swords he hands us and follow him out of the office and to the roof. When we reach the roof, we are met with a crowd of people cheering and holding torches (where they got them, I have no idea). Me and Jeremy go to the center and turn to face each other, sword in hand. Our boss, like a ruler in Rome declaring the start of a gladiator battle, lifts his arm up and shouts “begin!”

We charge each other with the roar of the crowd surrounding us. Our swords flash and blood is quickly spilt on both sides. The battle ended quickly. Jeremy lay on the ground before me, bleeding from the several wounds I gave him. He looked up in to my eyes as I prepared to give my finishing blow. I saw the look of a man ready to die for that trip to the Bahamas. I knew then, that no mercy can be given to such a man. The word “Bahamas” echoed in my head as my sword came down on my arch nemesis’s neck.

“For the Bahamas” we whispered.


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