Just a Prompt #3

With all my might, I rip off the seal of the box and open it. At first, all I see is darkness, but slowly, I notice a slight motion at the end of the box. Backing away, not quite sure what to expect, I re-enter the safety of my home and watch as the darkness silently approaches.

Curiosity taking over my better judgement, I still stand there, in the doorway, watching. Inching forward, right at the opening of the box, it sniffs, and opens its predatory green eyes. A black panther. Alarmed, I start closing my door and barely manage to close it before it streaks forward colliding with the door. I hear a growl from the other side of the door as it assesses this new barrier.

Shaking, but determined, I search my house for a rope. It takes me several precious minutes to find one and consumes a few more minutes making a noose. When I’m satisfied that the noose is tight enough, I return to the front door just in time to hear a shattering noise fill the house.

Knowing I was running out of time, I open the front door and sprint outside. I make it halfway to the open field before I see the black panther run out of the house and pursue me. It was a close call, but I manage to reach the open field before I became the black panther’s next meal. Turning around, rope in hand, I start swinging my rope in circles above me. The panther reaches me and lunges.

Calmly, with possibly the last few seconds of life in front of me, I throw my noose right when the panther lunges. Not knowing if it landed in its desired location, I roll away before the panther lands where I was just standing. Glancing, I see the noose around the panther’s neck and take a brief second to enjoy my success before I concentrate on the next task.

Tightening the noose around the panther’s neck, as to not let it fall off, I dodge to the side as the panther lunges once more. I wasn’t fast enough, and the panther manages to clip me with one of its sharp claws as it sweeps by me. A stinging pain in my left arm, I don’t let it distract me as I pull with all the strength I could muster. Before the panther can land, my pull flips it on to its back as it lands.

Taking advantage of its dazed state, I sprint forward and manage to get behind it as it rises from the ground, now truly pissed off. Jumping, I land on its back before it realizes where I am. Growling, it tries it’s best to fling me off but I hold on, as sticky as glue. Eventually it tires out, and with resignation it accepts me as its new master. And that, my friends, is how I became a black panther tamer.


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