Just a Prompt #2

I watched as clouds flew by me, almost as if I was flying, like I was steering myself in and out of the clouds, vanishing, and then appearing. But I wasn’t, instead I sat on my arse and watched. Watched as others did what I could not. “I could do it if I tried” I muttered as I glanced to my right.

She was gorgeous. She had deep black eyes and angular cheekbones, she was small yet I could tell she wasn’t one to lie down and take a beating. She was self-conscious and shy, yet still incredibly intimidating. I’ve been debating in my mind for hours on what to say to her, but I was too much of a coward. I did the mistake of talking when I thought she was asleep, now I had her attention as my eyes met hers. I couldn’t back away now, no more pretending she wasn’t there.

“uh, hey?” I said awkwardly, scolding myself for not having a better response.

“Hi.” She replied hesitantly.

“er….yea, I’m sorry if I disturbed you with my talking, sometimes I get a little nervous when I’m in a plane, and so before my brain starts overthinking I talk to myself to calm it, because you know, you don’t want an out of control imagination when riding in a iron tube hundreds and hundreds of miles in the sky haha.” Oh god, I’m rambling. Stop Justin, Stop! “So, what do you do for a living?”

“Oh, um, a little bit of work here and there you know, some journalism and such. I haven’t really decided yet, since I’m still testing new waters. Perhaps this trip will show me the waters I will sail on for the rest of my life.” She replied, smiling and turning red.

“Perhaps it will.” Coughing, I looked away letting the silence weigh on us, knowing that if I didn’t say something soon, it would be the end of this. Whatever this is.

“What do you do for a living?” I heard her say, breaking me out of my revelry.

Thinking for a few moments, I think of my job back at the paper factory, how I endlessly stacked paper into neat bundles. How I was only on this plane right now because I won a local raffle whose prize was a free trip to Thailand. Shuddering, thinking of all the missed opportunities in my life, I decide this won’t be one of them. “Well, I myself am also quite a writer. I write a lot whenever I get bouts of inspirations. I’ve published quite a few best sellers but right now I have a bit of a writer’s block if you will, and so I’m searching for some inspiration outside the country.”

The conversation continued for hours after that. We talked about writing amongst other things. When the plane landed and we said our farewells, we exchanged numbers and I promised she would hear from me soon. A few days later, I took the number out of my pocket and scrawled hastily on it wasn’t a number but a word, “Liar.”


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