Happy Halloween!!! (Poetry Time)

Halloween was great. Had a chance to scare some kids, eat some candy, and write some depressing poetry. Hell yea. This poem isn’t really halloween themed which kind of irritates me but at the time I got really caught up in this poem that I’m about to share with you. I wouldn’t say I totally relate to this poem but this poem might speak more truth than I actually want to believe. Enjoy!

Far Away

Why must you be so far away

When the night is cold and I’m astray

Sometimes you dance with fate

Perhaps one day, I’ll ask you on a date


Those bars that seal my inner self

Seem only there when I’m with yourself

I scream and lunge for that jail cell key

But I will never become, an escapee


So I walk alone, a silent mourner

Maybe one day, you’ll be around the next corner

You might see me and smile

But I’ll only taste, my own bile






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