1 Month Anniversary!!!

I really cannot believe its already been a month since me and my friend Eric started this blog. It’s truly unbelievable how time can fly. Honestly, it almost didn’t occur to me that today was the 1st month of my blogs existence. Incredible, absolutely incredible. I wrote a poem to commemorate this occasion. It’s about an issue that everyone goes through in there lives and one point or another. The poem could look cryptic to some but I urge you to try to understand it if you don’t at first. If you truly can’t figure it out, feel free to comment below and I’ll try to shed some light on what puzzles you. Anyways, enjoy!

Painted Faces

The white bird flies

Singing its song

The red fox runs by

Chasing headstrong


The man helps the lady

But whose hand is pulling?

The teen cries like the baby

There secrets of nulling


Turn your shadow filled eyes

To the light that purifies

Watch your paint rise

And fly off to its demise


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