Throwback Tuesday!!!

Good afternoon boys and girls, ladies and gents.

Its Throwback Tuesday where I post a piece of work I did in the past. Today’s story is based on a prompt I saw on this fantastic Site. You guys should check it out, it provides good prompts to get those creative juices flowing. Anyways, here’s the story:

Peering in through the large hole in the wall, I see the body, lying there rotten and covered with maggots and flies. Covering my mouth with my hand and pinching my nose as to not breathe in the stench, I retreat back in to the hallway and make my way to the front door. My hands shaking, I pull out my old blueberry and press 9-1-1. It takes a few tries but eventually I manage to do it and put the phone to my ear and wait for someone to pick up.

No response. Not even a voice recorded message. Confused, I dial the number again and again and every time, no response. Panic beginning to overtake me, I go over my options. I called the police and they aren’t responding, strange as it is, if the authorities won’t help me I’m going to need to find a solution on my own. The body looked decayed and it’s probably been there for weeks, if people were searching I would have heard about it on the news or the internet but I haven’t heard a whisper of any kidnapping or murder.

If people aren’t looking for the body then I doubt anyone will come knocking on my door inquiring about one. With that in mind, I think of ways I can get rid of the body and clean up this mess. I come up with the idea of using sulphuric acid to destroy the body and bleach to clean the mess. I get to work, purchasing the acid and bleach along with other cleaning products, I equip myself with plastic gloves and a face mask to block out the stench. Taking the body, I drag it in to one of the many bathrooms in this house and deposit it inside a tub. Grabbing the highly corrosive acid, I pour it over the corpse and watch the acid do its work.

While the body deteriorates, I start cleaning up the trail of blood that comes from me dragging the body and after a few hours I get off my knees and stretch. With that part of the cleaning done, I peek back in to the bathroom too see how the body is doing. To my dismay, it seems the acid burned straight through the tub and in to the basement. On top of that, remains of the body can be found lying around the pool of acid. Throwing away the idea of cleaning this mess up, I cover it up as best as I can and put a for sale sign on the lawn in front of my Victorian house. It sells in no time and the buyer was extremely happy with what he got for it. A trailer and some camping gear later and he was a proud owner of a beautiful house. How can one man be so fortunate?

Peace World



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