Throwback Tuesday

Hello World, Justin here.

it’s that time again where I post some written work I did back in the past. Today’s story is a little bit on the strange side so I don’t hold anything against you if you don’t finish the entire story.

The Carver

“Mom, Uncle Tom is at it again” yells Jimmy.

“Leave him be son, if not he will give us another speech about how were always negative when it comes to his…..Talents” Jimmy’s mom responds.

Jimmy watches Uncle Tom do his horrible annual carve waiting for the torture to be over once again so he can tell him how bad he is at his work and that this is why they get no visitors every year.

A few hours later Jimmy wakes to the door slamming shut. He must have fallen asleep watching Uncle Tom do his calculated cuts in to the flesh.


“Yes Jimmy?” Wait, wait, let me guess, you’re here to tell me that I should stop doing this every year because I’m bad right?”

“Yes uncle, you are bad, look at your crude work and tell me you did good.”

Uncle Tom looks at his work for a while and slowly realizes how terrible he is at his talent.

“Oh my, what have I done” Uncle Tom looks at the ground and mumbles “guess you were right” and walks away looking completely destroyed.

“Oh Uncle, why did you have to be such a horrendous pumpkin carver….”

Peace World


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