Midnight the Squirrel, Late Buses, and More…

Hello World, Justin here.

Let us begin by silently thanking all bus drivers out there that work hard every day to be on time…..Now, today was a very up and down day. This morning, I had a meetup with someone of whom I won’t say. The plan was to get some coffee and our cafeteria and relax. What really happened was my bus was late, my second bus was late and I ended up getting to the school late and red-faced from all the sprinting I just did with a 50lb bag on my back. Luckily (which isn’t really lucky), the person I was meeting up with was late too, because of her bus being late too. All we had time for was a quick exchange before getting to our class and beginning the school day. Maybe next time.

After that class, I rush to the library because I need to do some cram studying before my big mid-term ethics test. Guess what, class was cancelled. That’s good and bad, good because I have more time to study which I’ll probably end up squandering, and bad, because It’ll be on my mind for the next few days before I finally do it and also, because I have to dedicate even more time in to studying. Also, with that class cancelled, I had a huge gap in my timetable and I can’t just go home and go back because I live too far away. So I set to work on some future homework like the good student I am instead of studying.

Just as a side note, I was able to start my book that I’m going to write today, wrote the prologue and everything. I think if I stick to it, I can really create something beautiful.

My last class was alright, nothing too ground breaking to mention here so I’ll leave it at that. Getting home went smoothly though I almost ran in to my psychology teacher in my rush to get to the bus station which could have ended badly since it was on the stairs and he has bad hip problems. Which brings to my next point.

Midnight, the squirrel. Recently, a black squirrel has taken up residence near my house, where I’m not sure. But after seeing it so many times, I’ve decided to name it. I called it Midnight, and I’m thinking of maybe writing short stories about Midnight’s adventures. It’s definitely an idea worth thinking about, though it all depends on if I have the time or not. I wanted to mention Midnight because I have a feeling he/she is going to be a recurring topic on this blog. That’s all for today.

Peace World



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