Stucked Thoughts

Hello World, Justin here.

It’s morning here where I live. I’ve been up for a while now since I had trouble sleeping with the many thoughts that are coursing through my mind lately. Most of them are theorizing thoughts about the outcome of the decisions I’m soon going to make. I can’t seem to escape from these stucked thoughts and it bothers me to no end.

Other than that though, I’m doing good. Classes are going good and all is running smooth. I’ve come to realize that college is a lot harder than high school in terms of work and studying. In high school, I studied the bare minimum in order to pass partly because I had no motivations going through high school and partly because the work we were doing was forced upon us and wasn’t even remotely interesting. So with that in mind, I wasn’t a grade A student haha. In college though, I find myself working a lot harder than ever before to achieve grades that I can be proud of. I have discovered what motivates me and it drives me towards my goals. Typically of course, is that one of the most powerful motivators I’ve ever had though it was often temporary, was to work hard so I can impress the female students in class. I know, I know, men and there needs to impress the opposite sex, we’ve all heard that before.

One of the more challenging classes I’ve taken was italian. If you know me, my french isn’t what it should be due to lack of effort and interest to become better at the language. I thought that perhaps I could find interest in another language so I chose Italian as one of my courses. Don’t get me wrong, it interests me a lot more than french does, but it’s tough. It challenges my study habits and I find myself dedicating more and more time in to studying, which is good, but tiring. It helps that my italian teacher is extremely nice and supportive.

My crush continues to remain on my mind and is the source of my many “stucked thoughts”. A decision will have to be made soon, an important one that will determine if there will be any significant connection between the two of us. I hope it turns out well but as I said in an earlier post, hope can be dangerous when it is misplaced. Anyways, I’m going to get going now, I’ll see you later.

Peace World




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