I Wrote Some Poetry Today

Hello World, Justin here.

Wrote some poems today at school, wanted to share it with you all! Enjoy.

This first one was inspired by the idea of different perspectives and when I was at the library looking outside I saw such life that I needed to write about it.

I Watch

I watch through glass, the motion of change

I watch from the ground, the food for survival

I watch from unbelievable heights, the sum of creation

I watch from running legs, the breaths of exertion


I write this poem, the scene before me the ink

I hold this nut, the gift of life

I see this world, the promise of potential

I feel this tension, the whisper of a struggle


You read my work, your thoughts on your tongue

You consider my determination, your measure of value

You view me fly, the only world you see

You sense my strength, your unyielding force

That’s the first poem, the second one I wrote I will post tomorrow. Until then…..

Peace World




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