Throwback Tuesday!!!

Hello World, Justin here.

Today is Throwback Tuesday where I post a story I wrote in the past and share with you my atrocious writing……Enjoy!

Autumn Leaves

Oak trees sway from the cold morning gust. The wind, stealing some of the oak’s precious red and orange leaves and sending them skidding to the hard lifeless earth. The ground, cold, after 3 weeks of temperatures plummeting like a human grasped by gravity.

Chain linked fences surrounded grassless terrain. Through the fences lay rocks smaller than pennies with logs that were thin and long as if to mark an objective of sorts. Park benches were sprinkled around these rocky domains as if to give relief and comfort to those that need a rest.

A flat gravel road traveled past the metal walls and to a spring heated by a volcano many miles away. The spring was protected by a swarm of trees of several varieties, and contained within the water, a large beast with a shell as huge as a house. Its skin, a scaly red with dark eyes protected by layered eyelids; nothing can escape its petrifying gaze, not even the narrator describing it.

Peace World


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