The Coffee Table Book

Hello World, Justin here.

You know that moment, when you have nothing to write but you want to write anyways because if you don’t write then you’ll regret not writing the next day. Well, this is one of those moments, for me at least. Writing about nothing does remind me of something though. It reminds me of a show about nothing that I used to watch with my mom and whomever else was there at the time. A show called “Seinfeld” which is a show, about nothing. That was the main idea at the time and it may not seem to you as an idea worth pitching to a tv network and it did take the creators of the show several pitches to get a tv network to give them a contract, but in worked out in the end.

The show “Seinfeld” was extremely successful producing a whopping 9 seasons before its eventual finale in 1998. One of the items created in the show by a character called “Kramer” was the Coffee Table book, a book about coffee tables and that can turn in to a coffee table itself. A laughable idea at the time and the butt of many jokes but it never truly died because at the end of there last season they put all the seasons together in to one big box and labeled it the coffee table book. It didn’t turn in to a coffee table this box but it was still funny and interesting and really if you haven’t seen the show “Seinfeld” I recommend you take some time out of your day to watch it.

Anyways, this is my post about nothing, and nothing can be something for some, or nothing for others. Enjoy the rest of your day world! I know I will.

Peace World


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