Hello World, Justin here.

I want to talk about hope today. Something so dangerous, yet so powerful, it can be dangerous because it can be crushed. Stomped on, destroyed, like the dirt beneath our feet, and with it, all our dreams, our futures, our ambitions, gone. It hurts more than the sharpest blade, but it can also taste sweeter than the sweetest chocolate. Hope can provide warmth in the coldest night, can nurture the drought ridden crops. It saves, it destroys, it motivates, it steals.

Hope is something many have tasted, some to great despair, others to glorious success. The question that keeps occurring coming to me though is, how much hope do you allow yourself to have? Because too much and it can leave you broken when it vanishes. Too little and you risk spiraling in to a depressed state. You can’t not live with hope, hoping for a sunny day tomorrow, hoping that your crush will look at you today, hoping that your tank of gas will get you to work today. Everyone has hopes, but when it is too much? When is it too little?

These questions keep occurring too me and it’s frustrating because I don’t have the answer for them. I fall prey to both problems from time to time and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. As I write this post, I’ve come to realize that perhaps there is an answer. Maybe it’s not about how much you allow yourself to hope, but about recovering when that hope disappears. Getting up even though you don’t want to, even when it hurts and you can’t stand to live another day. Maybe the answer is resilience, hope as much as you want, but if it vanishes, don’t break, resist, survive and get up. Perhaps that is the key, perhaps it isn’t. I’m not fully convinced but the idea is worth some thought. What do you think? Is this wistful thinking? Am I fooling myself?

Peace World


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