Forming a Team

Hi World, Justin here

What an interesting past few days. I will try to be brief but these past few days have been really good at times. My crush said yes to meeting up and working on homework, probably because she doesn’t know I like her and she thinks my only motive is to get better at in the class were in. No biggie though, any time outside of class I can spend getting to know her is a step in the right direction in my book. I would like to note though that with her positive answer came a few hours of anxiety which is quite discomforting since I hate anxiety and I don’t get it unless I talk to the opposite sex which is irritating. But that won’t diminish the excitement at the fact that I’m doing something about my crush and not just waiting until the semester ends and probably never see her again.

After that, I had a Sociology exam which I was totally unprepared for but it turned out fine, it was super easy and I’m quite confident I passed, hopefully with good marks. And now to the reason I named this post the way I did. I wanted to talk to you about forming a team.

Recently, rules were changed for a tournament for a game I will be participating in. Originally, we were allowed only going solo or duo and we weren’t allowed to make teams for this game. But that rule has since changed, and with a friend of mine I decided to form a team for the tournament. I’ve always found enjoyment in creating teams for stuff, and this is no exception. Quite quickly people message me wanting to be in my team and in the first 10 minutes of the post my team was made. I already know 2 of my teammates and I was talking with another teammate who I dont know and he seems really cool. Things have begun to look rather well and I’m hoping we can be victorious in the tournament but if not, I won’t be mad.

Alright, well that’s just my update, I’ll be posting for Poetic Friday later on today.

Peace World


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