One of the BEST Monologues I’ve ever seen.

Hi World, Justin here

Another day goes by,  another day less in my life. I wonder sometimes if I use my days to the fullest or if I just waste them like a plate of spaghetti I couldn’t quite finish or a piece of paper that was crumpled up and I deemed unfit to write on. Waste is an ugly concept that many people don’t like to dwell on, but sometimes you must acknowledge there is a problem before you can start fixing it.

Moving on, this post isn’t about waste or anything so important. This is about a TV show I watch called Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s a comedy show about a precinct in New York. I enjoy this show immensely and I recommend it to everyone reading this. In one of the episodes, the captain of the precinct does a monologue in a bar, and I must say, it is good. So good, I looked it up after the show and remembered it. Here it is.

Captain Holt: Nothing’s okay. Wuntch is circling me like a shark frenzied by chum. The task force turning into a career-threatening quagmire. An Internal Affairs investigation casting doubt upon my integrity. And you ask, is everything okay? I am buffeted by the winds of my foe’s enmity and cast about by the towering waves of cruel fate. Yet I, a Captain, am no longer able to command my vessel, my precinct, from my customary helm, my office. And you ask, is everything okay? I’ve worked the better part of my years on earth overcoming every prejudice and fighting for the position I hold, and now I feel it being ripped from my grasp, and with it the very essence of what defines me as a man. And you ask, is everything okay?

Side Note: Some of these references you might not understand, but it doesn’t change the message of the monologue so no biggie.

Peace World


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