Throwback Tuesday!!!

Hello World, Justin here.

Today will be the first throwback Tuesday on this blog. A weekly event where I post things that I have written in the past and share with you all the stories behind the story. This first story is one that might be one of the most touching stories I’ve ever written, to me anyways. I wrote this story during my time in Creative Writing class at my high school and it was given as an assignment where we had to choose an inanimate object and write about it’s perspective. I was quite excited, and the idea of what object to write about came to me instantaneously. I furiously wrote this story and was very satisfied with my work at the end, an added bonus is that when I told the class my story I got praise from my teacher and I’m not going to lie, it felt good. This story is rather short but I don’t think any added words would increase the sentiment. Here it is, enjoy!



Brushing against the rough fabric of parchment, stroke by stroke, I described places and things of all colour and sizes. Told tales of creatures so alien that even my carefully formulated string of words looked foreign to them; I tasted the sky once. So long ago that it now feels as vague a memory as the quickly jotted down words of a minstrel commanding his servants.

Now I spend my days leaning on a glass bottle, bathing in the warm sunlight created by the giant behemoth celestial body called a star. Soon, when the sunlight dims and I hear the shouts of welcoming coming from the other homes, my master will return. While I continue waiting, I watch as fathers are greeted by their sons and daughters, their wives hanging back so they can keep watch on their evening meal.

Anticipation builds as my owner returns. Nobody to greet him, I feel the sudden urge to spring from my stand and comfort this man of a thousand stories.

Peace World



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