Taking a Selfie with a Vampire…For Tod

I crept into the woods with an IPod

searching for a vampire drinking blood

ready to take a selfie for my friend Tod

IPod in hand I shook my head in a nod,

I knew taking a selfie with a vampire was very odd

and if it saw me it would drink my blood

but I’ve brought my knife which was very dull

but I didn’t care of it’s dullness because I’ve also brought my doll

so it would cheer me on if it came to a brawl

but I would take this selfie with a vampire drinking blood

even if it came to a brawl with a knife that was dull

”I’ll take this selfie without losing my blood’ I whispered to myself

but suddenly I came across a vampire that stood in a crouching position eating a dog

so I quickly hid behind a tree straight as a rod.

But the vampire kept drinking the blood of the dog

not noticing me or my doll.

So I quickly raised my IPod in the air ready to take the selfie with all my love

which was very odd, but I didn’t care because it was all for Tod

suddenly the vampire rose it’s head looking away from the dog,


the vampire hissed at me showing his fangs that dripped with blood from the dog.

”you have blood” it grinned licking it’s lips

I look at the vampire slowly backing away determined to keep my blood,

so I rose my first ready to brawl.

”I don’t have blood!” I whimpered while still being tough with my glove on my hand that anxiously rubbed my IPod.

the vampire stood up on his two legs pushing the dog away with a shove.

”I want blood!”

suddenly realizing that I couldn’t brawl with a knife that was dull

I look above thinking for a solution for the sake of Tod

fortunately and idea coming from god entered my head as I pointed at the dog.

”Dog has blood!” I pointed out smartly as I knew the vampire wanted blood, and the dog still had blood”

”but you have human blood” the vampire replied

knowing that a vampire drinking MY blood would make a bad selfie in the opinion of Tod

I threw my glove at the vampire pointing my knife as I tried to be tough and totally not a fraud.

”NOT MY BLOOD!” I howled like a mighty god

but the vampire only picked up my glove that had dropped on the dog,

he threw it back at me who was being a god

but he knew that I was actually a fraud.

”YES YOUR BLOOD!” it howled back spitting blood

but suddenly the dead dog came back to life hungry for blood

I soon realized that the dog just became a canine vampire and it was hungry for human blood

My blood.

so I took my knife that was dull ready to brawl for Tod,

but the dog was faster as he jumped onto me and began sucking out my blood.

which made the other vampire jealous that he didn’t get my blood but only my glove.

my IPod slipped out of my grasp as I look at my doll thinking about Tod

”I failed you my friend Tod!!!” I screamed in shame with my body slowly getting drain out of it’s blood.

By: Eric Renaud


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