Of Mice and Women

Hey World, Justin here.

A funny thing happened yesterday. After returning home from hiking, my mom discovers a mouse in our house, and she’s really scared of mice(for some reason) so she went hysterical. As the hero I am, I charge upstairs to meet the vermin head on, let me tell you one thing, it was a hard fought battle. Blood was spilled on both sides, but at the end of the day, with my flaming sword and trusty bowl, I capture the mighty mouse and with a flourish, release the mouse back in to the wild(which is the grass near the backward, I’m mentioning this because it’s important for later on).

After my heroic rescue, which more or less went that way, I retreated back downstairs and away from the applauding crowd. For a while, peace was restored to my home, but it was only temporary for the shrieks of my mom was once again heard a few hours later. The mouse has returned, and the rubble from the last fight hasn’t even been cleared away yet! With a sigh, I once again collect my arsenal of weapons and approach the mouse wrecking havoc upstairs. This time though the mouse is stronger and faster than before, and I soon realize I cannot defeat it by myself. So I do the only thing any reasonable hero would do, I call up my partner.

As I battle the mouse, my partner arrives in the most efficient way possible, he blows a hole through the roof, then jumps through it. It was a well thought out plan, really, but there was one thing he didn’t calculate, and that was the fact that his hole was right over the mouse and he ended up landing on TOP of the mouse! For a moment, we all stood there stunned, then the battle rage enveloped us again. We battled as fiercely as the mouse, and soon cornered it and captured it once again because it turned out, the mouse was the same mouse as before! Though it was stronger now with it’s time in the wilderness before reentering the house.

Though the battle was won, our victory was paid in blood. Me and my partner sustained many injuries but the physician said we would recover in time. “Thank all that is good!” I told him, for I had another fight ahead of me, and it was one I’m not sure I can win. School.

No, but in all seriousness, there was a mouse in our house, and I did capture it, but I happen to release it close to a window that we soon discovered later on had a hole in it. So we assumed it reentered that way. It was a day of hiking and hysterics. My ears were ringing after I captured the mouse. Wish I could have taken a picture of it, but I don’t think I had the time between my mom shouting “catch the damn thing!” and risking it getting away.

This is the story of Mice and Women.

Peace World






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