Hello World, Justin here.

I am a procrastinator. I like to put things off, and even when I know I need to get to work to complete an assignment or study for an upcoming test, I still find ways to distract myself with meaningless tasks that are about as productive as staring at a wall. At times, it’s pretty bad and I end up not doing as well as I should have with the time I was given. Other times, I can push away my procrastination and get things done in very good time and be happy about it, though this doesn’t happen as often as I would have liked.

Even writing this post is me distracting myself from what I should be doing, which is studying Italian. I have tried to wrestle control back from the demon inside my head called procrastination with not much success. Being organized does help though to keep my thoughts and tasks in order and I found it to be a good strategy to counteract the effects of procrastination, but it is not always reliable and even if I were to plan out my day step-by-step it sometimes wouldn’t work out the way I planned it and I’d end up doing all my homework the day before it’s due with 1 hour left of my night. Terrible, I know.

With this post coming to an end though, I’m hoping to start focusing on what I should be doing instead of focusing on what I shouldn’t be. Of course, you never truly know what will happen throughout your day until you’re in bed that night reflecting on what you didn’t accomplish and what you need to rush to do tomorrow in order to at least complete the assignment, which will probably at best get a 60%.

Too close this post, procrastination is my demon, but I’ve learned to live with it and I have gained a fragile balance in doing so. My fight with it still continues though, and it seems that no end is in sight as of this moment. But I will fight on, for myself, and for you.

Peace World


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