“Two Caterpillars” and more


Two caterpillars lived in there neighboring trees. Both had there dreams and there prospects. They valued different things though, for one caterpillar valued strength and bravery above all else, the other caterpillar saw intelligence and wisdom as the most important traits. Both sought others who shared there values but there was never something quite right about that or about this. Eventually they returned to there trees unsatisfied and more importantly, alone.

No matter, they also prized insistence so the next day they set out again. Day after day there search widened and expanded. No luck, none seemed right, none seemed like them. “What is a search with no answer?” they asked themselves. Both seemed more alone than ever. There friends were gone, sealed in there white prison they themselves should have been in if not for this pointless search!

They feasted and ate as much as they can, but some leaves were harder than others to get too. When one leaf was too high or to big one caterpillar asked the other for help. When one leaf was to stuck or to dry, one caterpillar asked the other for advice on how to collect it without it turning in to fragments.

This is a story of two caterpillars.

Hey World!! Justin here

This was a little short story I wrote up a month ago and I liked it so I decided to share it with you! Also if I hadn’t, it probably would have found its way in to a trash can eventually which is terrible, no literature should ever be thrown out!

Anyways, I wanted to write this at the end so as to not distract from the story, I’m heading out today to a mountain to do some hiking which will be absolutely fantastic in fall when all the leaves are different colors and the air is cold and refreshing. It will be great, I’ll be sure to share some pictures with you when I get back!

Peace World



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