You are Incredible

Hello World, Justin here.

It has dawned on me that people are absolutely incredible. I know and see so many incredible people each day and every last one of them has something about them that stands out above all else. Really I’m very fortunate to be able to witness such people in there element. To see there brains formulate ideas and answers in their own unique way and to watch there faces deep in thought as they consider and discard thoughts that come to mind.

This newfound admiration for you has come from the realization of my under appreciation for others. I judged and labeled others with very little knowledge of them and I let my prejudices cloud my perspective. For that, I am truly sorry.

I hope to turn a new leaf now though, to regain some respect for myself and to conceive more positive thoughts and not let my emotions take over my views of individuals. This is why I write this, to better myself and also to tell you, yes you out there. You are Incredible.

Peace World



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