My Dilemma

Hey World, Justin here.

So as the title suggests, I have a situation…..

To clear up any confusion, no I’m not dying, and no, the world isn’t ending. I know you probably weren’t thinking that, but hey…..never mind.

Moving forward, my situation is quite a complex one, but also a very common one. Basically, I like this girl and I’m not quite sure whether to approach her more and get to know her better, or to just drop it and forget about the whole thing and suppress my emotions and hopefully eventually, move on.

Now I know, people say “you have nothing to lose, so ask her out” but that is simply false. First let’s get this straight, I’m a person that likes to avoid unnecessary anything, whether it’s emotions or work or conversations. I like to be efficient as best as I can, when I can, when self-control doesn’t abandon me. And so, when it comes to asking someone out, I am very nervous about the outcome, because if she says yes, great!!! It was all worth it. But when she says no……Unnecessary pain and emotions flood in to me along with other, unfavourable emotions. Not only that, with this avoidance to unnecessary things mentality, I don’t deal with many “bad” things like stress or pain or anxiety. So my coping mechanisms become a bit rusty so sometimes I become overwhelmed with emotions when I can’t avoid it, making me do stupid things that end with me in even worse pain(I’m not a wimp, I promise!).

THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN OFTEN IN MY LIFE…..but when it does, the feels truly suck. So that’s my problem, oh and as a side note, she’s in one of my classes and we work together a lot so if it’s a “no” then prepare for an awkward class for the rest of the semester!!!

So do I do it? Do I begin the exhilarating process of getting to know someone new!!! Or do I drop it, preserve my emotional balance(not really since I’m probably going to be miserable suppressing my feelings)  and eventually move on to unknown future prospects that may or may not exist. I sincerely doubt anyone is going to answer this since this blog is new, but really. What do I do World.

“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.”

-Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Peace World



2 thoughts on “My Dilemma

  1. Read your situation and quite frankly i’m in the same dilemma but I try to talk to her whenever I can despite not being in any of the same classes but in the same program which I met through work at college as she is a colleague. Just talk to her and when you feel it’s time do it. As for me I have more then just a crush to worry about, but goodluck to you don’t give in.

    -Christopher Joyce
    Fellow highschool classmate


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